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"...vero amore..."  = True love 

A great relationship starts when two people who truly understand each other come together to create something stronger than either of them could be on their own. Vero Life Studios was founded by Stephanie & Dhruv's love for the wedding industry. 

Our relationship is the driving force behind our work and lives. In the past we have worked with some of New York's leading wedding studios. During this time we felt something was missing. Let the couples be who they are in the most 'vero' way possible. We want our couples to tell us their story. To share with us their most authentic moments. We will be with our couples every step of the way to make sure that your most "vero' self comes through.

We are so happy that our work has brought you here and more than anything else, hope it makes you feel something. We firmly believe that when it comes to picking a studio for your special day it needs to be a right fit for you.


We would love to be part of telling your story!

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