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" We are head over heels in love with our photos and trailer! You guys made us so comfortable and our friends & family loved you so much! We cannot thank you enough"


- Rachel & Gaston

Over the last few years we have created the

"Vero Life way" a new approach to capturing your wedding moments. We are driven by the stories our couples tell us. Our style is cool and cinematic with truthful visuals. You are not just booking a service, but an entire experience.



They were lovely, easy to work with and guided us through the shots - we’re definitely not practiced models! From talking to us, they developed a vision and executed it perfectly in the trailer they made for us. It’s gorgeous and I’m still shocked that they made us look so elegant and poised and caught all kinds of small moments that I was sure no one saw. - Niki

They traveled to my wedding in Wine Country California. They did a beautiful job and maintained great communication throughout the process. They had wonderfully creative ideas and my video came out stunning. Their attention to detail was remarkable. I couldn't be happier with the result. - Nicole

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